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Meet featured woodturner A W McMillan from Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

Tell us about yourself

I studied Textile science and technology at the NSW University and specialized in textile dye chemistry. Spent many years in textile labs. Then started my own import business, after that joined my family business in computer software development in the gaming industry.

Management only. (Too long a story). Became involved in Scouting, (voluntary) helping to raise funds for major works and at the same time helping to establish Pillars (specialized community help). Received a Knighthood in 1992 for community works and establishment of consulate thereof.

I still fly (Raa License) and enjoy taking the bike out for a cruise. I guess that is the short version.

What is your background and how/why did you get into woodturning?

I had seen a wood turning demonstration and decided I would “ give it a go “ Its that simple

What drives your passion for woodturning and who are your biggest influences?

The natural wood pattern of timber. The color and finish of wood fascinate me. It’s the wood that dictates what I produce. Feel, color and the practical use of what I make with a strong art component

Do you have favorite species of wood?

Camphor Laurel , my work space is VERY limited so I keep to the basics.

Is there one wood turned piece you’ve created which you are particularly proud to share?

So many , The bowl is turned and polished to 3000 grit. Colour and fluidity is his main goal. I am Inspired by the Australian outback red / gold / browns even a fire storm is captured in his clear resin bowls.

It is fair to say that some pieces show impressionism and pareidolia.

What is the biggest challenge or biggest thing missing from your woodturning career?

A lot of beautiful bowls and pens that very few will ever see. I think this happens a lot

What would you say to new woodturners?

Just enjoy yourself and let your imagination run free.

A W McMillan

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