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Venture into the world of woodturning with artist Bob Risk as he masterfully crafts a Box Elder Burl Urn. Inspired by a generous gift from a friend,

Risk embarked on a journey with a new-to-him wood species, eager to explore its unique characteristics and unleash its hidden potential.

What is a Box Elder Burl?

A Box Elder Burl is a natural marvel found within the Box Elder tree (Acer negundo). Burls are growths that form on the trunk or branches of certain trees, resulting from a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

These irregular growths occur when the tree undergoes stress or damage, such as fungal infections, insect activity, or physical trauma.

This captivating growth found on Box Elder trees is characterized by swirling patterns, intricate grains, and vibrant colors.

Despite its irregular shape, it offers surprising workability for woodturning, making it ideal for creating artistic pieces such as bowls, vases, and urns.

This unique material holds stories of resilience and transforms adversity into remarkable beauty, inspiring artisans to harness its enchanting qualities in their creations.

Explore the endless creative possibilities that Box Elder Burl offers and witness its magical transformations in the world of woodturning.

Check out this box elder burl urn created by Bob Risk.

Box Elder Burl Urn

Box Elder Burl, unfamiliar to Risk, would initially seem challenging as its reputation for difficulty looms over the project. However, as Risk began working with the wood and creating this box elder burl urn, he discovered its surprising nature.

With each turn of the lathe, the burl revealed its true essence, offering a delightful surprise—ease of turning and a simplicity in hollowing out that surpassed Risk’s expectations.

Driven by the intrigue sparked by this initial encounter, Risk’s interest for the wood has grown. The box elder burl urn proves to show vibrant and captivating colors, which the photograph fails to capture. It comes alive in person, giving awe on all who gaze upon it.

Boxelder burl wood turned urn sitting on a table.

This newfound fascination has spurred Risk to keep his eyes open, eagerly searching for more of this enchanting material to breathe life into future creations.

Witness the artistry of Bob Risk as he unlocks the beauty within to create this amazing box elder burl urn that serve as a testament to the harmonious dance between art and nature.

With each piece crafted, Risk’s love for wood turning and his dedication to revealing the hidden potential of wood shine through, offering a glimpse into the captivating world of woodturning and the boundless wonders it holds.

Artist: Bob Risk

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