Ink Refill – Bolt Action Pen

Changing the ink refill on your Bolt Action handmade pen easy to do. Because different style pens take different style inks, it’s important to know which ink refill you need for your pen.

The bolt action pens require the Parker-style ink cartridge refill which writes very smooth and is a personal favorite of mine. Change the refill cartridge when your pen’s ink is used up, or change the ink to a different color if desired. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to change the ink on your tiny giant or bolt action style pen.

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Changing Ink on Bolt Action Pens

Step 1

Unscrew the nib of the pen by holding onto the pen body and twisting the nib counterclockwise.

Step 2

While holding the barrel of the pen, unscrew the pen’s nib. Be careful not to launch the nib or the spring across the room. This will expose the ink refill cartridge.

Step 3

Remove the spring and set it aside; note the orientation of the spring as it is tapered and needs to go on the new refill the same way it came off the old one.

Remove the old ink cartridge from the pen body.

Step 4Parker Style Ink Refill for Editor, Tiny Giant Pens

Replace the ink cartridge with a Parker Style Ink Refill by sliding a new ink refill into the pen body.

Place the spring back onto the new ink cartridge.

Step 5

Screw the nib back onto the pen.

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That is how you replace the ink cartridge refill on the 30 caliber bolt action pen.

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