Ink Refill – Slimline, Trimline, or Premier Pen

Changing the ink refill on your premier, or slimline handmade wooden pen is easy to do. These pens are two-part wood or acrylic hand-turned pens and use an ink refill called “Cross style”.

Get Cross Style ink refills HERE.

Slimline Ink Refill for Trimline and Premier Wooden Twist Pens

Changing Ink on Slimline, Trimline, or Premier Style Pens

Step 1

Grasp the lower barrel and the center band with one hand and the top barrel with the other hand.

Step 2

While holding the center band and lower barrel, pull the top barrel off of the pen. The top barrel is a compression fit onto the twist mechanism but is simple to remove.

Step 3

Hold the exposed twist mechanism with one hand and untwist the ink refill, counterclockwise, with the other. Once you untwist the ink cartridge, it will slide out of the pen.

Step 4Cross style ink refill for slimline, trimline pens

Replace the ink cartridge with a Cross Style Ink Refill by twisting the new ink refill into the twist mechanism clockwise.

Grasp the lower barrel and twist the twist mechanism clockwise to assure it wasn’t loosened while you were changing the ink.

Step 5

Slide the top barrel back into place over the twist mechanism.

That is how you change the ink on Slimline, Trimline, or Premier style pens!

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