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Meet Pete & Mo Moncrieff-Jury from UK, Wiltsire.

Woodturners Pete & Mo

Tell Us About Yourself:

I am a full time wood turner and collaborate with my wife Mo I’m creating a range of work from crafting tools to artistic pieces.

We both have a passion flor wood and the myriad forms, textures etc. you can find kin it and together research a lot of different media for inspiration.

What is your background and how/why did you get into woodturning?

I learned to turn in school but due to career and family commitments didn’t get back to it until about 15 years ago.

When I was made redundant 12 years ago I decided to take it up full time and progressed from there and have been a member of the Register of Professional Turners for 8 years

What drives your passion for woodturning and who are your biggest influences?

I need to be creative as does Mo and together we have a passion for natural shapes and oriental ceramics. Certain genres such as the Art & Craft movement also provide a big influence but the main one is nature itself.

We try to work with the wood with natural shapes and designs when doing artistic pieces often incorporating other materials. We are very strict in what we put up for sale and only sell items we ourselves like. Quality of both design and workmanship is highly important to us both.

Do you have favorite species of wood, or favorite tools you like to work with?

I use a lot of the indigenous woods such as yew, sycamore etc. and also enjoy working with recycled woods which cam]n include some exotics from old furniture etc.

Is there one wood turned piece you’ve created which you are particularly proud to share?

Possibly Inca which was a progression from a small piece of macrocarpa to this sculptural piece. (see image)


How do you seek out or find professional opportunities?

Mostly personal reference and word of mouth. I sell and demonstrate at a number of high end shows throughout the year which gives me valuable contact with the non turning public.

How have you built your brand and cultivated a loyal customer base?

Promotion is my weakest point and much more difficult than actually making things so we simply hope that people will like what we make enough to want to own it.

What is the biggest challenge or biggest thing missing from your woodturning career?

The next piece I make.

What would you say to new woodturners?

Follow your heart, don’t simply try and impress other turners. Make sure you turn safely.

Artists: Pete & Mo Moncrieff-Jury

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