Applewood Lighthouses


Experience enchanting craftsmanship with my signature Applewood Lighthouses. Hand turned from Enfield’s own apple orchard wood, these unique pieces showcase natural beauty. Featuring live bark edges, each lighthouse is a conversation starter. The varying grains, from whites to reddish hues, make each piece one-of-a-kind
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Applewood Lighthouse

Gorgeous hand turned applewood lighthouse. These lighthouses were turned from a branch of applewood that came from a home orchard in Enfield, New Hampshire.

Applewood is a unique wood and you never know what the grain will look like until you begin the process of turning. Sometimes you’ll get a rather pale grain, but sometimes you’ll get extravagant and colorful grain as you see in these pieces!

The same goes for grain patterns. A lot of the time, applewood will produce rather boring grain in the branches, but these are something else — the beautiful rich colors and grain is stunning.

Accompanied by live edge bark and natural insect holes, it doesn’t get much more beautiful than this!

Applewood hand turned lighthouse with natural live bark edge around the base of the lighthouse.

Treated with several coats of wipe on polyurethane and buffed to a beautiful shine. Very little care will be needed to keep these lighthouses looking fantastic. Check out these tips in my bowl care article.

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Applewood Lighthouses
Applewood Lighthouses
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