Beech Wood Burl Decorative Platter


A sizable beech wood burl platter hand turned in New Hampshire from a locally sourced beech wood tree many years ago.

The wood came from an old shed in the backwoods of Andover, New Hampshire. The man who had the burl said it was left there more than 10 years ago by the previous owner. He did know it came from the property as everything was labeled in the wood shop.

A hefty Beech wood burl platter from a tree in Andover, New Hampshire. Measures approx. 10.5″ x 3″ at widest and highest points.


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A platter hand turned from beech wood burl with amazing figure inside.

This is a large hunk of beech wood burl that has amazing figure in the grain. The figure runs through the wood but the inclusions around the outside had me thinking twice about turning this platter thin.

With that in mind, you’re getting a hefty burl wood platter from a beech tree in New Hampshire.

I see this piece being living on the center of a coffee table in your sleek modern, or even rustic decor motif.

Finished with mineral oil and wax for easy care. To refresh the luster from time to time, simply wipe with mineral oil.

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Beech Wood Burl Decorative Platter
Beech Wood Burl Decorative Platter
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