Beautiful Cherry Wood Salad Bowl


This large wood salad bowl is meticulously shaped from black cherry wood. Its silky-smooth finish and food-safe treatment make it both functional and visually captivating.

Approximate measurements for these large bowls are 15″ diameter x 5.25″ high

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Crafted by the skilled hands of woodturning artist Andrew Eaton, wood salad bowls emerge from the heart of black cherry timber.

Each curve and contour is meticulously shaped on the wood lathe, revealing the inherent beauty of the natural wood grain.

Cherry Wood Salad Bowl

Once the form is perfected, a working to smooth every inch of the salad bowl with sandpaper ensues, creating a silky smooth finish. The bowl’s surface becomes a canvas for light and touch, inviting admiration.

Finally, our own blend of food-safe oils and waxes is hand rubbed into the wood, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Cherry wood salad bowl photo from the top down into the bowl showing the inside.

This culinary masterpiece awaits its place at your table, where it will serve not only salads but also conversations and memories, too.

Beautiful Cherry Wood Salad Bowl
Beautiful Cherry Wood Salad Bowl
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