Goonies Movie Wood Pen Gift – Cast Beach Sand


The Goonies fan gift you’ve been looking for! Hey You Guys! A perfect unique gift for those who love The Goonies movie. Cast into the acrylic of this pen are authentic Goonies Movie House wood and Goonies Movie beach sand!

This Goonies pen comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, is set on a skull/bone pen accessories and even includes the display box as shown!

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Hey You Guys!  Looking for Goonies Fan Gifts? This Goonies movie handcrafted pen contains authentic wood sourced from the Goonies movie set house and beach sand from the shooting location of scenes in the movie! Complete with a Certificate of Authenticity and display box, this pen is a truly unique gift idea for movie fans.

Goonies Fan Gift Pen - Authentic Goonies Movie Set Materials

This Goonies pen handcrafted, poured acrylic, then turned, finished, and polished on my lathe here in New Hampshire. Cast into the acrylic pen barrel is the wood at the top and bottom of the barrel and sand cast into the pen near the bottom wood of the barrel – complete with a cool pirate design. One Eyed Willy would be proud!

Set on a skull and bone pirate-themed bolt action pen, this is a Goonies fan gift everyone needs in their collection!

  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Display Box as shown
  • Shipped 2-3 Day Priority Shipping
  • Complete pen with Certificate of Authenticity for the Goonies House wood and Beach Sand

Additional information

Weight16 oz
Dimensions9 × 9 × 5 in

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