Honey Dipper


Honey dipper made from walnut wood. These honey dippers are hand turned and make serving honey on food or into drinks a breeze.

Simply dip, swirl, and serve the honey however you like, on whatever you like.

Each honey dipper is hand turned and varies slightly from the next. Treated with food-safe oil.

Hand wash, dry with towel, and air dry.

Listing is for 1 honey dipper.

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Honey dipper or honey spoon as some call it is a utensil for getting honey out of the jar and drizzling it onto food or into your beverage.

These honey dippers are made from solid walnut wood and treated with food-safe oil.

They’re beautiful and ready to use.

Hand wash, dry immediately with towel, allow to air dry.

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Honey Dipper
Honey Dipper
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