Maple Salad Bowl Set – 679


Maple wood salad bowl set with food safe finish. Use as a popcorn bowls, salad bowls, storage, or decoration. perfect for your dining table

A great set of three bowls, one larger bowl and two standard size serving bowls. Perfect to hold salad for two, dinner rolls at a holiday gathering, table centerpieces for a food buffet and dinner, or simply beautiful home decoration.

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A beautiful maple wood bowl set (3 bowls). Perfect for food, storage, or decoration. great for storing skeins of yarn, making salad and serving two, or or serving popcorn.

Handmade wood turned set of salad bowls with one large bowl and two serving bowls. The large bowl measures nearly 9 inches across and the serving bowls measure approximately 6 inches across.

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Maple Salad Bowl Set - 679
Maple Salad Bowl Set - 679
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