Maple Fruit Bowl with Painted Rim – 077


A lovely wood turned fruit or salad bowl for your dining room table.

With a beautiful rim painted yellow, this bright and colorful bowl will look great in your kitchen. Fill it with fruit, salad, or popcorn and put it to use!

FREE GIFT with purchase. You’ll get our all natural wood bowl and cutting board oil conditioner and oiling wax to keep this bowl and all your wood kitchen cutting boards, bowls, and utensils in great shape.

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A lovely maple wood fruit bowl with the exterior rim painted yellow.

Finished with our all natural bowl and cutting board oil and oiling wax, this large fruit bowl is a great centerpiece for your table.

You’ll be surprised how much room is in this piece, it’s turned with thin walls and is quite light weight.

Not dishwasher safe. To clean, wipe with damp towel and dry immediately.

Learn more: wood bowl maintenance and care.

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Maple Fruit Bowl with Painted Rim - 077
Maple Fruit Bowl with Painted Rim - 077
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