Rock Maple Natural Edge Oval Bowl


A beautiful natural edge rock maple wood oval bowl. Hand turned from New Hampshire rock maple, this piece is quite stunning with natural edges (bark removed) and brilliant grain patterns.

The wood has natural staining from the bark edge moving inward to the brighter color you’re used to seeing in rock maple. Turned, sanded, and finished with polyurethane right here in my woodshop in New Hampshire.

A great piece for your living room or dining room table measuring approximately 11.5″ across at the widest point and 2.75″ high at the tallest end.

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Rock Maple Wood Turned Oval Bowl

A fine wood turned oval bowl made from rock maple with natural edges (bark removed) a bit of natural coloration from the bark-line inward.

This decorative bowl will make a great centerpiece on your coffee table or end table, or use it as a fruit bowl in your kitchen or dining room – wherever you decide to put this bowl to work, it’ll sure look great!

Hand turned oval bowls are produce a technical challenge as compared to a round bowl, especially when you add the natural edge aspect. Slow and steady cuts with sharp tools help make lovely pieces like this rock maple oval bowl possible.

Rock maple wood oval bowl with natural edges, angle view from one end of the oval.

Bowl is finished with polyurethane and top coated with wax. Occasional waxing of the bowl will help keep its beautiful luster in tact.

Rock Maple Natural Edge Oval Bowl
Rock Maple Natural Edge Oval Bowl
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