Rock Maple Wood Bowls


Captivating decorative hand turned and finished New Hampshire rock maple wood bowls. With lots of inclusions and amazing grain patterns, a challenge to turn these pieces were. They were turned from a knot where a branch was cut off and the tree healed itself with a burr. You can see all the natural inclusions and beautiful colorations created by this natural process. Choose your favorite below.
Lg: Approximately 8.75″ diameter
Sm: Approximately 6″ diameter (SOLD OUT)

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Rock Maple Wood Bowls

Discover the timeless allure of our Rock Maple Wood Bowls, exquisite creations turned from the heart of rock maple burr. These bowls, adorned with intricate natural inclusions and edged with organic charm, showcase the raw beauty of nature.

The captivating aesthetics are enhanced by the unique patterns formed around healed knots, where branches once thrived.

The result is a masterpiece that marries stunning grain patterns with a rich tapestry of colors, making each bowl a testament to the intricate artistry of woodcraft.

Rock Maple Decorative Bowl side view of natural edges and inclusions in the meddle.

Embrace the rustic elegance of these bowls, bringing the essence of nature into your home.

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Lg Burr Bowl, Sm Burr Bowl

Rock Maple Wood Bowls
Rock Maple Wood Bowls
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