Beautiful Turned Maple Wood Bowls


Maple wood bowls are durable and practical. Hand turned from New Hampshire maple wood, these bowls will last generations. Ideal for serving food, keeping keys organized, storing jewelry, or simple decoration upon your table or shelf.

Nothing beats a beautiful hand turned maple bowl. Select your favorite below!

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Maple Wood Bowls

Discover the versatility of our turned wood Maple Bowls, crafted to perfection for a myriad of practical uses.

These finely turned wood bowls are not just exquisite pieces of artistry but also functional items perfect for serving food, organizing keys, storing jewelry, and more.

The smooth finish, achieved with food-safe oil and wax, enhances the natural beauty of the maple wood and makes bowl maintenance simple.

Maple wood bowls for popcorn, salad, keys, jewelry or decoration, side view.

With their elegant design and practicality, these maple bowls seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, adding a touch of sophistication to any space while serving various everyday needs.

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Largest – 8.5", Medium 3 – 7", Smallest b – 6"

Beautiful Turned Maple Wood Bowls
Beautiful Turned Maple Wood Bowls
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