Wood Unique Hummingbird Feeder


A beautiful unique hummingbird feeder hand turned from New Hampshire maple wood.

This wood hummingbird feeder measures approximately 12 inches long, has an eye hook with red string for hanging, holds a 5-inch test tube inside the wood, and comes complete with a cork and feeding tube with red flower on the end.

A wonderful gift for your hummingbird loving friends or to adorn your own hummingbird sanctuary!

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Wood Unique Hummingbird Feeder

Check out this beautiful Hand-Turned Maple Wood Unique Hummingbird Feeder, a charming addition to your covered porch that combines both form and function.

Carefully crafted from beautiful New Hampshire maple wood, this feeder showcases the natural beauty of the wood, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space.

The feeder features a practical 5-inch plastic test tube inserted into the piece, perfectly designed to hold approximately 1oz of your homemade sugar water solution, which is both energy-rich and enticing for hummingbirds.

Most recipes call for a 4:1 ration water to sugar, we use a 3:1 ratio which is a bit thicker and works better when the syrup thins due to the hot temperatures outdoors.

To ensure easy refilling and minimal spillage, the feeder is equipped with a rubber cork plug and a specially designed bird feeder tube.

Close-up of Maple Wood Bird Feeder with Cork Plug and Feeding Tube

Adding to its allure, a vibrant red flower graces the feeder, capturing the attention of hummingbirds with its bright hue.

Delight in the beauty of nature as you watch these magnificent creatures hover around your home, drawn by the allure of this thoughtfully designed and handcrafted maple wood hummingbird feeder.

Wood Unique Hummingbird Feeder
Wood Unique Hummingbird Feeder
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