Vintage Cherry Salad Bowl – Clarendon Hardwood Bowls


A lovely barn find, this vintage salad bowl has been repaired, refinished, and is ready to use! Made in Vermont by Clarendon Hardwood Bowls and measuring 11″ at its widest point, it will serve your family well with bags of popcorn, big salads, and pure beautiful decoration for your dining room table.

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Repaired and refinished hardwood cherry bowl made by Clarendon Hardwood Bowls in Clarendon, Vermont.

Upon finding this bowl there was a sizable crack which has been repaired with silver tinted epoxy resin. The entire bowl has been sanded smooth from 120 grit through 800 grit. This process removed decades of buildup from regular use.

All-in-all I have about 5 hours of labor into refinishing this bowl and it was worth every second. It’s going to make a beautiful family bowl, and the rich history is much to be appreciated.

A food-safe mineral oil and beeswax finish has been applied.

Caring for this bowl is easy,  care for wood bowls.

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