Winged Bowl Turned from Maple Wood


A beautiful hand turned curly maple wood winged bowl with live bark edges, branch crotch feather grained and beautiful balance. This bowl is an off-center turning made from one maple board cut from a tree that was struck by lightning in Enfield, NH! This piece of wood demonstrates where a branch splits off from another creating a feathered grain pattern.

This freshly turned winged bowl is very unique and will fit in with any home decor. From modern to rustic farmhouse. Everyone will love this balancing winged wood bowl!

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This freshly turned winged bowl is very unique. It has been hand turned from a single plank of curly maple crotch wood on my wood lathe. The bowl is emerging from both the top and bottom of the plank. Live edges (bark) remain in tact along the side and feathered grain appears from the beautiful branch-split (crotch) in the wood where one branch split away from another.

Turning a bowl like this takes a lot of time and patience. The wing whips around on the lathe like an airplane propeller. Holding the chisel steady and moving it steadily across the tool rest to create a smooth finish along the plank is quite technical in terms of woodturning.

To add to the technicality of this piece, it is turned off-center, meaning the center of the bowl is off to the side of the piece. This creates an unbalanced work condition and vibration as the wood spins off-center at 900-1200 RPMs.

Finally, combined with off center turning and creating a wing on one side of the bowl, keeping the bark on while it spins on the lathe and is being cut to shape, keeping razor sharp tools is a must. This means sharpening the tools often as the piece is in progress.

Those are the main challenges that come with creating a unique piece like this. Other challenges include the same propeller idea while sanding, finishing, and buffing the wood to its final appearance.

The bowl balances on the base and items can be put inside the bowl and along the flat rim of the bowl. It’s quite unique and will look great in any home decor.

The bowl is balanced just so it will sit flat and look great on your entry table, side table, mantel, or shelf.

It’s a unique piece made from maple wood. This particular wood came from a tree that was harvested after it was struck by lightning!

A unique piece and wonderful decor gift for the person that has everything.

*This is the second winged bowl, made from the same tree. This bowl is slightly more robust than the first.

Learn about maintaining wood bowls here:

Winged Bowl Turned from Maple Wood
Winged Bowl Turned from Maple Wood
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