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Meet woodturner Terry Tuzzolino from Orange County, California.

Tell us about yourself

I was raised with my two brothers and sister in a proud Italian family in Calif. Viet Nam Veteran, 33 years of LAFD service, 20+ years in Fire Hogs MC, married 47 years to a wonderful woman, three great kids and a pile of grand children.

I wake up everyday looking forward to making something special and different out of wood. Usually out of trees I have cut down myself. I really enjoy offering my art work for sale at the Laguna Beach Summer Art Festival.

I reconnect with other artists and super nice people that enjoy my wood turning skills.

What is your background and how/why did you get into woodturning?

Mom had self taught oil painting talents, Dad was an excellent carpenter and built most everything around our house. After retirement I found interest, pleasure and relaxation in wood turning and woodworking.

What drives your passion for woodturning and who are your biggest influences?

I truly enjoy the surprises I find in a lot of my finished pieces. Figure, colors, texture. My wife and daughter are my biggest fans (of course) and a big part of the quality control in my creations.

Do you have favorite species of wood, or favorite tools?

Favorite species; Japanese Yew, Buckeye Burl Wood, Olive Wood. All of these are a pleasure to turn on the lathe and the Olive and Buckeye have beautiful natural figure.

Is there one wood turned piece you’ve created which you are particularly proud to share?

One of my many favorites is a large Buckeye Burl wood bowl that I spalted myself. Most any kind of natural wood can be very beautiful.

How did you develop your woodturning/woodworking career?

Personally ,my dad was a carpenter, then my cousin originally sparked my interest in wood turning and has been my mentor ever since. After 10 years we still share newly learned skills and techniques.

How do you seek out or find professional opportunities?

Wood turning clubs, seminars, and internet search

How have you built your brand and cultivated a loyal customer base?

Personal attention to what my customers want and explaining to them everything I have learned about the piece of art they are interested in.

What is the biggest challenge or biggest thing missing from your woodturning career?

Segmented wood turning

What would you say to new woodturners?

Attend as many classes and seminars as possible and pay close attention to older woodworkers

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