About Me

Hello, my name is Andrew and I’m the owner and curator of Art Of Turning.

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The Mission

 At Art Of Turning, our mission is quite simple. We aim to create a welcoming space for woodturners of all skill levels to connect, share their woodturned pieces, and learn from each other’s experiences.

Find our Woodturning Gallery here.

We believe in the power of community and collaboration, and our knowledge center is currently being built to provide valuable resources and insights to help woodturners further their craft.

We are dedicated to fostering a supportive environment where woodturners can engage in discussions, share tips and techniques, and inspire one another with their creations.

For you woodturners, find our Woodturners Group here.

Our goal is to facilitate a vibrant and inclusive community that encourages growth, learning, and creativity in woodturning.

As we continue to develop our knowledge center, we will keep you updated on its progress and eagerly anticipate its launch.

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Together, we can celebrate the art and craft of woodturning and support each other in our shared passion.

Sapele Wood Turned Box
Olive woodturned bowl with drift wood base. The artist calls this piece Medusa. A creative assembly creating a driftwood base with a bowl made of olive wood. #ArtOfTurning #woodturning

My Story

From a young age, I’ve always been drawn to the art of woodworking.

I was captivated by the intricate grain patterns, the rich colors, and the endless possibilities of what could be created from this natural material.

As I grew older, my fascination with woodworking grew, and I was determined to learn the craft myself.

Comletely self taught, I started experimenting with various woodworking techniques, trying my hand at furniture building, carving, and other woodworking skills.

But it was when I discovered woodturning that I found my true passion.

The process of transforming a rough cut of wood into a beautifully turned object on a lathe fascinated me.

The sheer joy of creating functional and artistic pieces with firewood is incomparable.

I immersed myself in learning different woodturning techniques, studying different types of wood, and honing my skills through trial and error.

Woodturning has become more than just a hobby for me. It’s a form of self-expression, a way to connect with nature, and a means to create unique and meaningful pieces that bring joy to others.

I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passion for woodturning and continue to explore and push the boundaries of this timeless craft.

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