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Welcome to our in-person woodturning experience hub. We invite you to delve into the captivating world of woodturning through our in person exhibitions, mentor program, and woodturning demonstrations.

Discover the art of turning through our diverse offerings, tailored to enthusiasts and learners alike in the picturesque regions of New Hampshire.

Whether you’re looking to entertain event attendees or talk shop with experienced turners, we are here for you.

Find details outlined below and contact us today to book your session!


Live Exhibitions

Craft festivals, fairs, fine art galleries, and events. Immerse your attendees in the captivating world of woodturning with my unique in-person exhibitions.

Picture this: I bring my expertise directly to your venue, setting up my lathe to transform raw wood into fun creations. The atmosphere buzzes with excitement as the unforgettable tick-tick-tick of the chisel cutting wood as it turns on the lathe.

Onlookers gawk, ooh, and ah, as I carefully craft spinning tops and ornamental pieces, providing a firsthand glimpse into the artistry of woodturning. During the event, the pieces turned on site will find new homes, gifted to lucky patrons stopping to catch a glimpse, adding an element of surprise and joy to the occasion.

The heart of my exhibitions lies in the thrill of creation. You get me for four hours of wood turning as I showcase the rhythmic dance between tools and timber. While I’m always happy to answer questions and share insights, the focus remains on the live spectacle. As a special treat, select pieces from my collection are available for purchase, allowing attendees to take home a tangible memory of the event.

Whether you’re hosting a private gathering, corporate event, or community fair, my exhibitions promise an unforgettable blend of entertainment, education, and showcasing centuries old techniques for viewing pleasure.

This option is a great fit for artisan fairs, makers markets, and other like events.

Prices start at $350 for a half day in-person exhibition style session.

Email me to discuss your event and book your slot now!

For those seeking a more immersive experience, ask me about specific demonstrations to delve deeper into the art of woodturning. A demonstration session will elaborate on techniques, tools, types of wood, and the intricate process of crafting turned wood art.


Service Areas

I provide on-site Woodturning Demonstrations and Exhibitions throughout the Upper Valley and Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

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